Saturday, June 13, 2009


#4 Debra of Shabby Chic Junk won the set of 4 Bavaria china plates
#21 Carol of The Roseberry Cottage won the vintage rose tray from Germany
#13 Holly of Girls at Heart won the vintage apron

Congratulations to all of you and thank you to all who entered My Romantic Home Giveaway this month. A special thanks goes to Cindy at My Romantic Home for hosting this giveaway.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



I am also joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday #22.
I just found it..what a great idea!!

My Inspiration is from Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage

My inspiration came from Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage . She had her little porch swing all dolled up painted in RED and cute pillows tossed on it. I adopted this house when I moved in with John... the yard was a disaster....we are working on it slowly but surely. This swing was tossed aside and the canopy was missing (later found out the gardener took it to the dumpster). I wasn't ging to let that stop me..I knew I could make this ugly duckling pretty again. It sat around for over a year until I saw Tina's swing..that was it!! The next thing I knew, I was painting it red and making pillows for it. These were all of 10 minute pillows out of dish towels I found today at Ross. I will make some cuter ones when I have more time. So there you have first INSPIRATIONAL WEDNESDAY project.

Thanks Tina!!

Please join me in my first INSPIRATIONAL WEDNESDAYS and show us what has inspired you.
Just add your name to Mr. Linky and then comment on this post. Can't wait to see wht everyone has come up with.

Warm Hugs,

Well, I NEVER!!! Okay...I WILL ACCEPT!!

While waiting for Marshall's to open this morning, I went over to Ross (I was in the mood to spend money and didn't want to wait). I was standing there reading the signs on the windows waiting for that store to open. Then I saw it!!! Yep..saw it, read it, mulled it over through my mind and thought...YIPEEE!! I get 10% off of my total purchase today!! Then, I woke up and came to my senses...YIKES!!! I am now in "that box". You know, the one that reads 55-65!! I am now at THAT age..the one where everywhere you are now considered a ....mmm....shall I dare speak those words....those that I have avoided for 55 years!!! Yes...I am now considered a ..."SENIOR CITIZEN"!!!

Dictionary: senior citizen (sēn'yər-sĭt'ĭ-zən) adj
n. A person of relatively advanced age, especially a person at or over the age of retirement.

What? Where? When did this happen? When did 55 become the NEW RETIREMENT age?
I must have missed something somewhere, sometime? Perhaps I just have Alzheimers...or dimentia...and don't remember hearing about the change.
Okay....I have calmed down before I have a heart attack..seizure....or something that will send me to the hospital, then the nursing home!!

I have only just begun living!! Really...I even have a check list (see below)

Kids gone..check!
Have grandchildren... Can give them back...check!
Can go places without getting a babysitter or asking permission first...check
Have money to go places....check!
Home paid for...check!
Can play all day if I want to....check!
Can blog all day if I chose to do so....check!
Can drink Martinis at noon if I want to....check! 55 isn't so bad after all. I'll be more than happy to take all of your discounts! This way, I can spend more on Blog Giveaways!!! Check...Check...Check!!!

So Ladies, stand up and be proud..proud that you have reached that ripe ole age to receive DISCOUNTS!! I have accepted this challange and will grab any and every discount available. Please excuse me while I go sign up for AARP!!

Have a great discounting life!!
Warm Hugs,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Romantic Home Monthly Giveaway!!

My Romantic Home Monthly Giveaway!

1st Drawing Giveaway: Set of 4 Bavaria China with Pink Roses
I am giving away this cute set of china on Saturday June 13. These are the size of dessert plates. Perfect for an afternoon tea! Scroll down and see 2 more giveaways and the details on how to win one of these. Good Luck!

2nd Drawing Giveaway: Porcelain Tray
This vintage tray is porcelain and from Germany. It has beautiful roses handpainted on it. It is a very pretty piece. Measures about 4 x 6. Good Luck!

3rd Drawing Giveaway: Vintage Apron
This cute vintage apron is made of organza with blue gingham checked trim and yellow/blue embroidered florals . It does have a tine hole but hard to see...otherwise it's in pretty good condition. Just leave a comment by Friday June 12, 11:59 P:M to be eligible for the drawing. Please include your email address in your comment box for me as well. I will draw 3 names on Saturday morning (only one win per person). If you are particular about which prize you would want to win, then tell me which hat you want me to draw your name from in the comment box. Good Luck!

Welcome to 21st Metamorphus Monday



Welcome to my first Met Monday, hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch . Thanks Susan!
My change is the little console table (sitting against the wall in a brown tone). I painted this in the Mackenzie-Childs style and added pieces of broken pottery shards to the legs. I also made tassels and added them all around. Oh...this goes to my sisiter who this loves this type of painted furniture..I prefer the shaby style! Thank you for visiting and I hope ya'll enjoy looking at all the different blogs that have joined in Met Monday!!

Have a great week!

Warm Hugs,


In Desperate Need Of...

I am looking for a vintage wicker bicycle basket like the one in this photo. If anyone has one or knows where I can find one, please comment or email me!!


Yesterday while reading through various blogs I follow, I ran accross one than inspired me to finally update a piece of furniture in my garden. This lead me to come up with "Inspirational Wednesdays".
I want you to be inspired!! Whether you are inspired by someones blog, a photo in a magazine or perhaps something growing in your garden! I want you to show and tell! Show us a photo of what or who inspired you and then a photo of your finished project from your inspiration or your project in waiting.
If you are inspired by someone's blog or a website photo add a link to that site to give credit where credit is due.
I will put up Mr. Linky on Tuesday evening for those who wish to participate. I hope to see you soon!
Please add the graphic above to announce your participation or if you would just like to let your readers know about Inspirational Wednesday.
Warm Hugs,