Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Had To Have These! Fantastic Bargain!!

Well, I went to Target to buy some garden stuff...left with these instead! Weren't my colors...had no clue what I would do with them....but had to have them! Why, you ask! ? There were 2 absolutely 2 great reasons why...according to moi!! First, they were on on sale again! I couldn't resist the 25....50...75...75...75% off! I paid less than $3 each for $25 pillows!!! All with down filled inserts. Second, well, I can't buy down filled pillow inserts for that much at the fabric store! Let alone the beautiful fabrics (linen) and make them for that much!!
Turned out, when I got home...they did match..the darker pinks, look more red...(see the tablecloth I have next to them on the top photo) on my back porch they went least for the summer...then, I will make some fallish ones and replace the covers. They have quickly become my favorite thing! At least for now. They also have a runner to match, but it wasn't on sale..still $ I will wait and watch for that baby!!
Warm Hugs,