Friday, May 22, 2009

Kool-Aid is Kool!!

Who woulda thunk?
Original purpose: Quenching your thirst.
Aha! Use: Cleaning lime deposits and iron stains inside the dishwasher. Pour a packet of lemonade Kool-Aid (the only flavor that works) into the detergent cup and run the (empty) dishwasher.
Reward: Citric acid in the mix wipes out stains; you don't have to.
I ran my dishwasher with a few dishes in it (too lazy to take them out first) and my glassware was sparkling...better than I have ever seen them and I just had 2 packets of Lemonade Kool-Aid in it. I am impresssed!!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh gosh...I haven't had Kool Aid for ages!
My children used to drink gallons of it...
I have to tell you something you will find hard to believe. Ready? I don't own a dishwasher. Nope. I don't and I don't miss it one single bit. I really..shhhh...enjoy doing dishes...just something about it. I know, I sounds nuts...but I do!
~Smiles and hugs~

My Shabby Rose Cottage said...

Funny...I use mine about once a week...I do them all at once!!!

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Warm Hugs,