Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Whimsy of MacKenzie-Childs and My Favs!

All images are ©Mackenzie-Childs, LLC

This Beverage Hostess is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!
I can see "Mismosas" in it now!! Or "Lemonade"!

As most of you already know, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mackenzie-Childs.
I have collected it since 1988, then started painting it for friends in 1991. I still collect and paint it today and never tire of it. Each piece is truly unique and sems to tell a story.
Today I am posting photos of MY FAVS! M-C has come out with some really nice products this year, and I have quite a few of them on my "wishlist". Tell me, what's on
YOUR "wishlist

And how cute are these new "Bird Tassles"?
Perfect to place anywhere in your home!
These adorable "Miniature Compotes" are the perfect vessel
to serve single servings in.
I see salads, strawberry shortcake and ice cream sundaes in these!
Oh, imagine the possibilities!

I think this new pattern will fit nicely in with my other "Taylor" pottery.
It's called "Hitchcock Field". I am not crazy about turquoise, but since
it has the black/white on it....I like it!

If you collect the Flower Market enamelware, you will want to
add a couple of these ute frames to your collection!
I mix and match the white with my CC enamelware
and the floral pattern really POPS!!

OH....and these are "MUST HAVES"!! If you entertain,
then these are a must!!! I have several of this type I have picked up
at Target, Marshalls and the like to place dips and chips in...friuts...cheeses...
and pretty much anything you can think of!
The perfect addition to your M-C collection!

This is the smaller version of the one above....too darn cute!


Cute "Pedestal Table". Perfect for your favorite plant
...perhaps an Orchid?

Love the new Courtly Check® and Stripe fabric!!
Hopefully, we'll be able to purchase yardage at some
point! Are you reading this CC?


See the gorgeous Courtly Check® furniture below using the new ticking style
and Courtly Check® signature fabric! I am Loving it!
I think this would nice on my sun porch!

Now...follow me into the garden!!

This way, please......

Now these are gorgeous!
Perfect addition to your bird collection!

For the bird lover who has many a birdhouse in their yard!
This is so cute! I want 10!!! Better get to work!

Is this not the prettiest trellis you have seen?
I think it would look lovely greeting my guest at my front door!

Okay.....while I loved the "Mrs. Powers" gate....
this "Flower Basket" one has gotten my "ATTENTION"!!

Too cute for words are these "Pot Stakers"!
Ya gotta have a few of these in your garden!!

And last, but certainly, not this FABULOUS....WONDERFUL....


Doesn't it just want to make you smile!!!
I smell a GARDEN PARTY coming on!


Well, this is the end of my Mackenzie-Childs Favs! I hope you enjoyed the tour and tell me..."What's Your fav"?

Warm Hugs,


Cherry Chick said...

Seriously? It's ALL my FAV I would love to have anything that they make. I received an email update this week from MC with the new frames and thought "those are fabulous!". Thanks so much for giving us the tour of new. I've been fortunate enough to visit their farmhouse, offices, and store in Aurora, NY. It was a dream come true thanks to a wonderful and patient man who took me on a special trip there.

Sarah said...

Linda, my list just keeps growing. Love the new fabrics. It would be great if they would sell this in yardage. The miniature compotes are at the top of my list. The minute I saw them I knew they would be perfect for many choices for individual servings. I have one of the large compotes. Have to get some of these! Also love that beverage server. I've been wanting one, so why not this one. It's all wonderful. So many pretty things out this year to tempt us. Thanks for sharing! ~ Sarah

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Linda, I just commented on your last post and said I was looking forward to more, and here is another FABULOUS post! I can see I will love it here! Pick just one???? You've got to be kidding me! I do love the lemonade urn and the bird votive holders, and the black and white pillows with the lime accents. I had planned a trip in to NYC to see the M-C flagship store decorated for the holidays but couldn't make it in--next year definitely! Linda

Tammy518 said...

Linda, I love it all, but I was drooling over that last set of outdoor furniture you posted. Ah, to only have even a small piece of it. I'd really love to have the three-tier CC tray also (think they call it a sweets tray).

Patti said...

I saw the fabric back in Nov in Aurora and it is GORGEOUS!! They had some furniture on display in the farmhouse covered in it. As long as it has the Courtly check, its on my list!! I miss their "buttercup" pattern! We just recently had a local store become an official retailer of M-C and now I don't have and hour to buy it (however I might need another job to afford it!!)

Debbie said...

I had the pleasure of sitting on that beautiful garden furniture at the Aurora, NY store. It does make you smile!

I love the new fabric and hope they will offer it for sale. The beverage server is a must!! I always attend their Barn Sale in the summer, and am really looking forward to it. I am happy you are blogging again ;o)

A rootdigger said...

love that out door furniture. pottery too. Thanks for sharing

Eileen said...

Hi Linda, I really love your collection and they creative way you have grouped the styles. I read that you like to create your own MC style objects, I would love to see them, do you have any images? In London we have only a small collection in Harrods, I long for the day I can get to the store in New York. Thanks for sharing. Kind regards Eileen