Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Porch Magazine....

My Porch magazine arrived the other day and can you believe I actually laid it aside and forgot about it? But what a treat when I came across it while rearranging my rooms. If you haven't seen this magazine yet, you need to, as it is all about the wonderful women who blog and have businesses. Porch was started solely to promote bloggers and their businesses. It's limited to "Eye Candy" and that's such a nice break from all the advertising and articles in those "other magazines". You will truly get your money's worth! Stay tuned for a Special Give-a-way this month.
Here are the blogs featured in this issue:
By the way, the conservatories in the photo above are made by Linda at Linda's Blue Gate. She is such a wonderful lady to deal with, as I have bought a few of her goodies such as the beautiful handkerchief lamp and bell cloches. Shipped promptly and arrived without a scratch. You don't have to go to Canton...I just found them on her blog and commented that I wanted them! Thanks Linda!