Wednesday, December 30, 2009


When others need Inspiration, they come to my home. When I need Inspiration, I come to Blogland!
Warm Hugs,


Lisa said...

How sweet!! I think the same!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Sarah said...

Linda, like you I find a wealth of inspiration from the creative people in the land of Blog. You are definitely one of them. I'm so happy to have found your blog. I absolutely love my new CC ornaments. I may not pack them away with the other ornaments. I just might keep them out in a bowl year round.
And the sweet rooster dishes are sitting on my buffet. I'm beginning to plan a table in which they will be the stars! How lucky I am to have won your give away and to have found YOU. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me!
Happy New Year! ~ Sarah
I just posted my TT for this week, and there is a photo of one of the ornaments and a mention to you and Shbby Rose Cottage.